The British Council Generation UK-India Programme.
The British Council Generation UK-India Programme was launched in 2015 and our school was one of the first schools to be a part of it. Aidan Docherty, a young post-graduate student at Edinburgh came to our school as Teaching Assistant for two months. A Science student, Aidan took classes at the Primary, Middle and Senior School. From him our pupils learnt not only Science but Scottish music and dance as well, and on the last day they put up a beautiful Assembly. The Captain of his University Hockey team, Aidan played a fine game of Football on the occasion of Teacher’s Day (Pupils versus Teachers) and helped the teachers’ team win!

Aidan’s visit in 2015 was followed by the visit of Two Teaching Assistants, Alex Brennan and Claire Ogley in 2016. A Law graduate student from the University of Leeds, Alex enjoyed her stay at The Heritage. Claire, an English post-graduate student from London also loved her India visit. They both interacted with our staff and pupils with some spectacular results. These young Teaching Assistants were met with excitement and enthusiasm for their Civics, Political Science and English lessons; they worked with the children to put up a beautiful exhibition on the royal family, Halloween and bonfire night. They were thrilled with the interest of the children who were involved with carving pumpkins, writing letters to the Queen and making a papier maché Guy Fawkes.

This is a fantastic programme which enables our pupils to win a different perspective and learn from young people who belong to a culture and education system so different from ours! Needless to say, these young men and women, while they left a lot behind, they also carried back with them not just wonderful memories but some life-changing experiences as well.