International Partnerships
The Heritage School works with partner countries across the globe. While the Internet is widely used for communication and sharing of ideas, we also use the Post to exchange pen-pal letters and children’s work. Besides, we have student-exchange programmes with the UK and with Germany, where pupils have the unique opportunity to visit the partner school and stay with host families. They also get the opportunity to host a pupil from the UK or Germany. Such exchanges enable pupils to experience new cultures, widen their horizons, and also see their own culture in a new light.

Sharing of teaching-learning methodologies is an important way of keeping in touch with new developments and constantly working towards making the curriculum at The Heritage School reflect changes that are occurring in the field of education worldwide. The countries we are currently working with include the UK Germany, Italy, Russia, Argentina, France, Ghana and the USA.

International projects are planned for students, right from Ankuran to Senior School. Skyping and blogging enables children to enter classrooms around the world. This creates a vibrant environment in which pupils of all age groups learn from their peers across the globe!