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Yugpurush - Mahatma Na Mahatma
31 Jul ,2017

  • A performance of this award - winning play which stands for the values of satya and ahimsa was held at The Heritage School on 17th July.


  • The Father of the Indian Nation, Mahatma Gandhi placed Shrimad Rajchandraji as foremost among those he considered to be his guides. Shrimadji's direct interaction with Gandhi and his letters, both played a pivotal role in shaping Gandhi's character and kindled in him the novel idea of using ahimsa to attain independence.
  • Yugpurush is a touching portrayal of this special bond between Shrimadji and Gandhi that catapulted him from 'Mohandas' to 'Mahatma'. 
  • Commemorating Shrimadji's 150th Anniversary, this theatrical presentation is a tribute to two great souls who serve as inspiration for the youth of today. 
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