The UK Connection
The partnership dates back to 2007 when we participated in the British Council 'Dreams and Teams' project with this lovely school close to the river Wye, made famous by Wordsworth. Today we are working with Whitecross on the British Council 'Global School Partnership' programme and regular visits on both sides have become an annual feature. Currently, the British Council grant has enabled the two schools to embark on an ambitious project related to water-its judicious use, conservation and recycle. The students of The Heritage School are working with the inhabitants of Chowbaga village and our aim is to enlighten the villagers on various aspects related to water. Simultaneously, there is an attempt to make the women of the village understand the value of self-employment and empowerment through work.

This little school is our ISA partner and nothing could be more welcoming news than being awarded the British Council GSP grant to enable teacher exchange visits. Ms. Ruby Bose and Ms. Debahuti Das visited Brinkley Grove between June 27th and July 1st, 2011. The Exchange programme with the UK is now in its 11th year.